Deep down Shallow water

tarlatan primed gauze, dictionary, steel, water, plastic film, video projection loop_ 2022

Installation view


"Deep down shallow water" is an installation work that employs bookbinding gauze, shredded dictionary parts, water, and video. The installation consists of five layers of tarlatan-primed gauze, each with shredded dictionary parts accumulated on them. Beneath the layers lies a shallow water tank filled with water and dictionary fragments. The projection light features a video of snowflakes drifting away, gradually descending from the top to the bottom layer of the gauze. The accompanying sound component resembles that of a damp basement or cave.

The objective of the artwork is to portray the world's defining element being torn into fragments and gradually losing its source of illumination until it sinks into the depths of the water. This piece is related to the concept of the "Unknown known" coined by Slavoj Žižek, which refers to things that we already embody, so close to us that we are unaware of our familiarity with them.