paper clay figure, thin white cloth_1:00 single-channel video loop_2018


This is video installation work where the video of tree leaves fluttering in the wind is projected on the seated figure made of paper clay. The sources for both the video and the audio is from random moments in ordinary days ; however, later, elongated or volume controlled sound is overwritten. The edited sound segment manifest amplified fatigue and emptiness that contradicts peaceful moments from daily life.

The video footage is mundane that exemplifies so called “instagramable” moments. The slouched figure having only a shape of human with no particular features is used; The work contains the moments that approach us insensibly and flow away in vain.

The title of the work, null, suggests that I exist in a place but no consciousness of mine does. It implies a state of dis-engaged void where one feels as if one lives a life of others rather than of one’s own. The cool and bluish video screening penetrates the sheer fabric that glitters like water waves and thus accentuates passing by in a cold and dreary manner.